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Bankruptcy for Rutherford after custody dispute takes toll

In many respects, bankruptcy and divorce go hand in hand. Financial issues can cause strain on a relationship, forcing a couple to end their marriage. The same is true if you invert the situation: when a couple goes through a divorce, the spouses can struggle financially, requiring a bankruptcy filing to keep them afloat.

Such is the relationship between bankruptcy and divorce. But even with this complex (and somewhat common) connection, many people in Fresno are not prepared for the complicated financial issues they are about to face when they file for divorce. There is a significant financial commitment you have to make to file for divorce; plus, once the dust has settled and the you and your spouse agree on a divorce settlement, there could be more financial difficulties for you in the future.

This is simply something that people need to know — bankruptcy is possible after divorce. Those who are seeking the split need to be prepared for such a situation; but also need to do everything in their power to present the best divorce case possible so as to avoid such a financial issue.

Actress Kelly Rutherford knows about the connection between divorce and bankruptcy all too well. Rutherford, known for her part on the now-defunct “Gossip Girl,” has filed for bankruptcy after a bitter divorce and ongoing child custody dispute ravaged her finances. A custody ruling granted her ex-husband, who lives in Monaco, custody of her kids. She has to fly there in order to see them, and she is contesting the ruling; which has been a long and complicated process.