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Domestic violence victim fired from job after incident with ex

A tragic story out of San Diego recently has given pause to a lot of women who are currently dealing with domestic violence in their own relationships. It’s the story of domestic violence victim who was fired from her job as a teacher because of an incident involving her ex-husband on school grounds.

Her marriage was filled with domestic violence and numerous 911 calls. But divorce and several restraining orders did not keep her ex-husband from showing up at the school she worked at and where her children attended. It was because of his threatening behavior that the school felt she was no longer a victim but a liability and fired her from her job. To add insult to injury, her children were then expelled from the school as well.

Many advocates for domestic violence victims say this case dealt a blow to domestic violence victims everywhere, sending the message that there are consequences for those who speak up. As the woman in this story explains in regards to the school’s reaction to the incident with her ex-husband, she feels like she’s being punished for something she didn’t even do. Often times, this is how a lot of domestic violence victims feel; and because of cases like this, many may be even more fearful to step forward and speak up out their own situations.

As our California readers know, marriages involving domestic violence can be harrowing ordeals to go through and can leave you feeling helpless and unsure of the future. In many cases, these circumstances can culminate in a divorce, but often require the skilled help of an attorney. Just like this woman’s case, restraining orders can be put in place, which can help protect you and your children from further harm while you wait for your divorce to become finalized.