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How does moving to a new state impact child support orders?

Many aspects of family law are determined on a state-to-state level. Although the same general ideas are consistent through much of the country, they might be different in application from one state to another. For people who move to a new state in the wake of divorce, it may be important to take a look at how ongoing court orders (such as those for spousal or child support) could be impacted.

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act has been adopted by a large number of states and can provide guidance for individuals who decide to change locations. Without clear rules to address differences in family law throughout the country, those who want to modify an existing order might have serious difficulty.

People may decide to move to a new state to pursue a professional opportunity. However, like any job, being laid off is a distinct policy. Due to financial stress caused by the lack of a regular income, paying parents may be interested in requesting a modification to a court-enforced child support order. If the settlement was reached in another state, it may be unclear how or where to request a modification.

According to a report from the Boston Herald, modifications are generally sought where the family law agreement was initially made, since it was created within the context of that state’s laws. On the other hand, case could be made file an order in the state where a person currently lives, especially if the whole family has moved to the new location. However, if child support laws are too dissimilar between the old and new states, seeking a modification locally may not be an option.

Family law issues can become very complicated, so it can be helpful to seek guidance as needed. After all, moving to a new state for work-related reasons is something many people go through, so taking the time to understand how differences in laws could affect a divorce or child support settlement could be beneficial for the entire family.