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Trend frames divorce as a beginning, not an end

Every divorce case is different. As a result, couples handle their split in diverse ways. For some people, the process is kept amicable, but relatively private and low key. On the other hand, an emerging trend shows that some view their divorce in a different light: a time to celebrate.

According to a recent report from the Associated Press, divorce parties are a growing trend. Like any other party, these events include cake and a guest lists filled with friends and family. However, one party planner indicates that people use the parties to celebrate the new chapter in their life, representing a unifying theme.

Of course, people can choose to mark the occasion of their divorce in almost any way they choose. However, before the celebrating can begin, couples must attend to business. Party planners can attend to the festivities, but the actual process of legal divorce requires a different set of skills.

Most people might feel overwhelmed by how to split up marital assets and property, even though they understand that divorce is the right decision. This feeling is understandable, and it represents one of the primary reasons people turn to family law attorneys for assistance.

By being thoughtful and proactive about reaching a mutually agreeable divorce settlement, both spouses can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they can forge ahead. At this point, couples can take the time to determine what the next chapter of life looks like, as it fits into the context of agreements included in their settlement.

Source: New York Times, “‘Divorce parties’ on the rise,” Leanne Italie, May 28, 2014