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Parenting issues that courts may not get involved with

If you no longer have a relationship with an ex-spouse or significant other and you have a child together, you may be skeptical about allowing the child to spend time with that person. The other parent may not have the experience you have as a parent, or there may be other things about their household that concern you.

However, before you consider a motion to limit parenting time or decide to cease parenting time altogether, it is important to know what issues may justify a change, as well as which ones will not.

As such, this latest post will identify some common parenting issues that may not lead to a change in parenting time.

Differences in parenting styles– If you are adamant that corporal punishment should not be used, and your ex is consistent with spankings, it is likely that the court may not intervene. Indeed, the law does not allow abuse, but it is broad enough to give parents the discretion to choose how they discipline their children.

Disagreements about entertainment – If you only allow an hour of television or mobile devices in your home, and your ex allows them watch reality shows and play video games for hours on end, this may not be grounds for limiting parenting time. Parents are given wide discretion to make and enforce their own personal house rules. 

Of course, this does not mean that there are no situations that will merit a change. To learn about them, contact an experienced family law attorney to learn about your rights and options.