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How We Help Small Businesses Succeed

The process of forming a new business can seem overwhelming for new entrepreneurs. There’s a good chance you are far more enthusiastic about creating and running your new business than you are about the legal issues surrounding its formation. This is where our firm comes in. At Hemb Law Group, business lawyer Richard Hemb and his legal team are experienced in small business formation throughout the state of California.

We will work closely with you to explain both the benefits and the drawbacks of each type of business entity to help you narrow down which is right for you. We will also discuss your business goals in depth and help you identify the short and long-term needs of your business. Finally, we will draft and file all the necessary legal paperwork so that you can focus on making your dream become a reality.

Our office is available to assist you in setting up Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), S Corporations, and C Corporations. A thorough analysis is provided as to the business formation that would most effectively meet your needs, providing you with either room to grow or to stay at a level commensurate with your specific requirements.

Whether you are just entering the workforce or are making a shift in your career path, we are here to assist you in making sure that all the legal requirements have been satisfied to not only protect your assets but also meet all of the known tax requirements provided to our office by either your financial consultant or yourself.

Please contact our office to set up an appointment with Richard Hemb to begin the process of achieving your financial independence through the proper business entity.

California Business Entities

One of the first things you will need to ask yourself (or your lawyer) is, “Which type of business is right for me?” You may be feeling overwhelmed by your options, but rest assured we can help you narrow down which choice is best for you by explaining the details of each when you consult with us.

Some of the main types of business entities you can form in California with our help include:

  • Corporations: This type of business is a legal entity owned by stockholders. Corporations fall into one of two categories—C Corporations and S Corporations. C Corporations are standard whereas S Corporations gain special tax status with the IRS.
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC): Like a corporation, an LLC is a legal entity that exists separately from its owners but allows for more flexibility in certain areas. This is the most common type of business in California.
  • Limited Liability Partnerships: Partnerships engaged in professional services such as accountants, architects, and engineers often form LLPs.
  • Sole Proprietorships: If you want to be the sole individual in charge of managing and operating your business, a sole proprietorship might be best for you.
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